Slot Overview: 9 Flaming Cashpot Megaways

There didn’t appear to be many waves made by the release of the first 9 Blazing Cashpots slot before this one. It has been put through the Megaways ringer and came out as… although it may have been a particular favorite of someone at software developer Kalamba Games. There are a total of 9 Megaways to Win a Firecracker-Sized Sum of Money. The core gameplay is the same, however it has been fine-tuned for substantially better performance, as is typical for a Megaways remake.

The game’s vibe is the same as it was in the original, which means that Kalamba Games stuck to its roots. Consider traditional slot machine icons that have been around for what seems like forever, a ladder showing current reward amounts to one side, and a simple, tasteful backdrop design that keeps the attention where it belongs—on the gameplay. It’s like a fruit machine version of “9 Masks of Fire,” but with Megaways and far higher payouts. Let’s check out a few.

To begin, there are the game’s 6 reels, which can have anywhere from 2 to 6 symbols on them, for a total of 46,656 possible combinations. Each gaming round can have a varying quantity of symbols deposited onto the reels thanks to the Megaways engine. To get regular payouts, you must align identical pay symbols across adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel. This is served on a very unpredictable system with a return to player value of 96.51% by default in the game. Every paid spin can be wagered anywhere from 10 percent to fifteen pounds or euros.

The paytable has classic symbols such as sevens and fruit. Melons, cherries, blackcurrants, and plums have been replaced with fruit, which pays 2x the wager for a full screen of six matching symbols. When you get six bells, clovers, or blue, green, red, and yellow sevens, your payout will rise by 3x, 4x, or 8x your wager, respectively. The star symbol confounds everything. When six of them appear anywhere on the reels, the payout is 15 times the wager.

Slot Features: 9 Megaways with Blazing Cash Prizes

The cashpot wins are the major attraction, as you might expect from a slot machine that offers quick payouts for scatter symbols. When 8 or more Cashpot symbols appear in view simultaneously, a payout is made. Obtaining the maximum level of 25 Cashpot symbols triggers the maximum payout of 25,000 times the wager. All Cashpot ladder awards are doubled if players have used the increased purchase option when purchasing the bonus round.

Bonus Turns

Scatter symbols can be landed 3, 4, 5, or 6 times to begin the bonus round and receive 9, 12, 15, or 18 free spins, respectively. There are more Cashpot symbols on the reels during free spins, but otherwise the rules are the same as the normal game. The bonus round is prolonged by adding a fresh scatter symbol to the reels. When these symbols appear, they contribute to a meter, and for every three of them you collect, you get an extra three free games.

Finally, the extra buy menu in 9 Blazing Cashpots Megaways is quite alluring. Free spins may be purchased by players for either 49x the initial wager for 9 spins or 104.6x the initial wager for 9 enhanced spins. At 106.5x the stake, you’ll receive 18 free spins, and at 227x the stake, you’ll receive 18 boosted free spins.

Slot Winners from 9 Flaming Cashpot Megaways

When dissected, the components of 9 Blazing Cashpots Megaways don’t add up to much that hasn’t been seen previously in some form. This includes, but is not limited to, fruit symbols, sevens, quick wins, free spins, etc. But Kalamba Games has delivered something of worth here, as 9 Blazing Cashpots Megaways is one of the best-performing slots in this popular gaming category after undergoing an amazing general statistical and mechanical upgrade. Studios seem to release a 9 Masks of Fire knockoff every other week, but it’s hard to think of many that have taken the concept to the heights that 9 Blazing Cashpots Megaways can reach.

To begin, there is Megaways, a feature rarely seen in games of this kind. Some players may be disappointed that the game doesn’t have any scatter symbol flipping events like tumbles, responses, or avalanches. Perhaps, however. That improvement may have been saved for a later Kalamba Games release. The 9 Hottest Moneymakers The tumbling exclusion does not apply to Megaways. Free spins just increase the suspense, especially for those who have splurged on an increased bonus purchase, and the main game has the kind of speed fruit slots are known for. Then, if 25 scatters appear, you might win a cool 50,000 times your wager. Certainly not a stroll in the park, but an intriguing prospect.

To bring this full circle, none of this is very novel, and if large sums of money don’t interest you, 9 Blazing Cashpots Megaways may seem like “just another one of those games.” The presence of Megaways, which allows qualifying players to pay more for improved spins with even higher potential, and the slickly designed, high-level of potentially rewarding fruit slot games on offer make this a worthwhile wager for the appropriate punter.

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