WWE SmackDown Results: Victors, Grades, Response and Features from December 30

John Cena wrestled his most memorable match of 2022 on the year’s last episode of SmackDown.

John Cena wrestled his most memorable match of 2022 on the year’s last episode of .

John Cena kept a 20-year streak flawless Friday night, getting back to SmackDown for a year-shutting headliner in which he collaborated with Kevin Owens to fight Sami Zayn and Undisputed WWE General top dog Roman Rules.

Cena’s sole, match of 2022 featured an episode that likewise saw a protection of the SmackDown Ladies’ Title by Ronda Rousey and the most recent in the fight for incomparability between The Fighting Beasts and The Bloodline.

Whinny Wyatt Started Off SmackDown

Whinny Wyatt started off the night’s transmission and promptly apologized for his activities seven days prior, which saw him assault a guiltless cameraman. However, la Knight interfered,

After Knight gave a test for a match at Illustrious Thunder and Wyatt acknowledged, Uncle Hi advanced toward the ring. He encountered Wyatt, then, at that point, remained close by prior to dropping the previous WWE champion with Sister Abigail and passing on Knight to inquire, “what is happening?!”

This was a vital beginning to the show. It by and by put Hi in the field, and this time, his activities propose he could not really be on a similar side as Wyatt. Knight perceptibly addressing what is happening mirrors the crowd’s opinion as they attempt to sort out the bits of the riddle Wyatt and the imaginative powers at play are creating.

The Thunder match among Wyatt and Knight ought to be great and, all the more significantly, keeps the previous from being required to lose in the genuine Illustrious Thunder.

“Where it counts, I don’t consider myself a decent individual, however I truly attempt.”

“You couldn’t in fact complete a sentence, then, at that point, you get all humiliated and take it out on an unfortunate cameraman,” Knight said, taunting Wyatt.

“You pay one of your thugs to descend here in a Chief Hi outfit…”

“You used to be something. You used to be a power,” Knight said, insulting Wyatt. “A large number of weeks, all you’ve demonstrated how you can be is a fake. A separated washout.”

Uncle Hi entered the field, venturing through what gave off an impression of being an enflamed entryway, complete with his own signature music.

Sheamus versus Solo Sikoa

A fittingly actual match started off the night’s in-ring activity as The Fighting Savages’ Sheamus struggled The Bloodline’s Independent Sikoa one-on-one. Butch and Edge Holland went with The Celtic Hero while The Usos supported up their sibling.

Sheamus battled from under and flooded late, yet a flashing interruption brought about by his assault on Jimmy and Jey permitted Sikoa to drive him into the post and convey a Samoan Spike for the pinfall triumph.

After the match, The Bloodline cleared out Butch and Holland and beat down Sheamus until Drew McIntyre returned interestingly since Survivor Series and made the save.

A smidgen more flavoring for Sikoa and this would have been a genuine banger, yet for what it’s worth, this was a fine, cutthroat match that highlighted the youthful star while proceeding to put over the coarseness of Sheamus right now in his Corridor of Popularity profession.

McIntyre appearing to be legit, due to his regard for Sheamus as well as in light of the incomplete business he has with Sikoa. It was the NXT send out who cost The Scottish Fighter the Undisputed WWE Widespread Title back at Conflict At The Palace, and the organization has worked effectively with the gradual process as opposed to quickly seizing the main chance to book the match.

Sheamus cleared out The Usos at ringside, permitting Sikoa to snatch him by the arm and drive him into the ring post.

The McIntyre save drew a major pop, a demonstration of his proceeded with notoriety with the WWE fans.

SmackDown Ladies’ Title Match: Raquel Rodriguez versus Ronda Rousey

Driven by rage following different assaults that left her with a harmed arm, Raquel Rodriguez burned through brief period taking the battle to SmackDown Ladies’ Boss Ronda Rousey in their title session Friday night.

Rousey benefited from a disastrous visually impaired charge heading into the break and designated the arm, hoping to take advantage of it for her potential benefit as she held onto control. A major vertical suplex emerging from the break procured Rodriguez a two-count.

Afterward, obstruction from Shayna Baszler slipped by everyone’s notice by the authority and, minutes after the fact, a recuperated Rousey applied the armbar and pulled Rodriguez from the top rope to the mat beneath, compelling a prompt tap out.

With no opportunity to squander, Charlotte Pizazz got back to WWE, months subsequent to losing similar SmackDown Ladies’ Title to Rousey, and gave a test for a match this evening. Rousey acknowledged, and Pizazz continued to score a pin on Rousey to come out on top for the championship.

This is some master Jedi mind cunning here as Triple H and the imaginative group have the group cheering Pizazz in a manner she had not been in a long while, mostly as a result of the shock at the same time, additionally, in light of the fact that they truly could do without Rousey substantially more.

Obviously, it will be fascinating to check whether Energy can hold that prominence as plainly she is in her fourteenth reign as champion and in a real sense just walked around in and won the gold. So, she is a leading figure for ladies’ wrestling and has more than procured her spot.

Yet again another look, another signature tune, and an alternate show assisted provoke with fascinating in The Sovereign. Whether Triple H and Co. can assist with safeguarding that interest is the genuine inquiry pushing ahead.

With respect to Rodriguez, she looked awesome and was plainly the better of the two grapplers. It wouldn’t be astounding for see her in a high-profile match or position against Pizazz close to WrestleMania 39.

“Goodness, we got a bleeder!” Rousey insulted as she proceeded with her control of Rodriguez.

Rousey snatched Rodriguez’s arm, yet the challenger got past it, spilled to the floor and powerbombed the hero on to the ring cover.

Rodriguez had the title won, however Baszler meddled in the interest of the boss as the analysis group required her excusal from ringside. It didn’t come.

Gunther’s War zone

Intercontinental hero Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci hit the ring for a promotion portion, yet Braun Strowman hindered somewhat rapidly.

Strowman gave a test for an IC championship, yet Gunther dismissed to walk. Strowman demanded and a fight broke out. The Beast Among Beasts sent off himself at The Ring General yet crashed through the watch’s blockade. Imperium beat him down before Gunther designated the left arm of his force to be reckoned with.

Vinci and Kaiser battled off refs and authorities, however a seat hauling Kick back pursued the heels off.

It seems bound to be Strowman who, possibly, closes Gunther’s run. In any event, Strowman is his best in class challenger. One way or the other, it was ideal to see the heel get some intensity back by rebuffing Strowman and possibly harming him in the wake of running like a quitter the last small bunch of times he was in the large man’s area.

The inescapable confrontation will have heat and, assuming late history is any sign, Gunther will most likely give Strowman his best match to date.

Behind the stage, Sami Zayn inquired as to whether he is irritated about the group reciting his name rather than The Clan leader’s. The Undisputed WWE All inclusive hero dismissed it.

Some accommodating behind the stage rivalry gave way to a warmed trade between Hit Line and Kick back after the last option alluded to Top Dolla as “Flop Dolla” because of his new bungled plunge.

Michael Cole authoritatively declared Wyatt versus Knight for Imperial Thunder as the “Mountain Dew Totally dark” match however didn’t carefully describe the situation.

John Cena and Kevin Owens versus Roman Rules and Sami Zayn

Cena might have gotten back to the ring without precedent for 2022 as a component of Friday’s headliner label group match, yet the tale of the primary half was Sami Zayn, who tried to intrigue Roman Rules as The Bloodline delegates fought The Best and Kevin Owens.

The heels disengaged and beat down Owens through the business break, removing him from Cena. At the point when it seemed as though a hot tag may be coming, The Clan leader pulled Cena off the cover.

Cena at last detonated into the match, cleared out Rules with a Demeanor Change and looked as Owens completed Zayn with a Shocker for the success.

The match was genuinely contracted, having just 10 minutes once the passageways and last advertisements wrapped up. The activity was sudden and surged, with a concise intensity fragment on Owens before the Cena hot tag. When he at last hit the ring to ignite the rebound, it was finished.

The publicity and Cena’s all’s inclusion was restricted to a couple of moves before it returned home.

So, the energy he brought to the match and his benevolence when it came to giving Owens the sparkle was the stuff of a genuine star. His association might have been brief, however he had the group eating out of the center of his hand and truly assisted put over Owens by imparting the spotlight to him and permitting him to get the pin on Zayn.

How might Rules respond to Zayn neglecting to end the KO issue and, more awful, losing the counterpart for The Bloodline? That will be the story to watch heading into 2023.

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